Why doctors require the services of professional printers in Pietermaritzburg

June 21, 2014 · Print This Article

If you’re a doctor in the Pietermaritzburg area, whether you’re well-established or just setting up your practice, you need a professional printing service nearby to handle any printing needs you have. There are some printed items every doctor needs, especially if they want to give a good impression and be as professional as possible.

Prescription pads

These are an absolute must. Whenever a doctor writes a prescription, their information and signature has to be included, so they are always held accountable and the prescription is legitimate. These pads need to be as neat and professional as possible.

Business/Appointment cards

When your patient needs to make their next follow-up appointment with your receptionist, they will love the convenience a business/appointment card can bring. Not only does it slip neatly into any wallet, but will have a reminder of their appointment date and any contact information they might need to keep on hand. It also looks a lot more polished than a scruffy piece of paper.

Sick Note Pads

These are almost certainly a must.  Whilst traditionally also produced in pad form, like the Prescription pads, there is a move towards them being in duplicate, especially in a practice that has many patients who are employed in large corporate organisations.

Receipt books
Carbonised Receipt books (duplicate or triplicate) are most likely a requirement as well.  One can use a book from the local stationery shop, but a branded one is far more professional.

At Minuteman Press in Pietermaritzburg, we offer a doctor’s combo printing package, whilst flexible to the extent that it must meet the needs of a practitioner, they normally comprise of some or all of the abovementioned. Our printing is of the highest quality and we have professional graphic designers on our team.

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