Why investing in Correx boards is the sensible thing to do

April 2, 2014 · Print This Article

Correx boards are a great option for people who are looking to invest in affordable outdoor advertising material. Not only is it a cost-effective choice, but there are also many other benefits when you use quality correx boards as an advertising medium.

When partnered with professionals, you will enjoy the many advantages that this sturdy and reliable material will have to offer you. If you are looking for affordable options and solutions for all your marketing campaign needs, then look no further! Correx boards are not only lightweight and durable, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Here are a few great advantages of making use of correx boards.

Some great benefits of correx board advertising

  • Correx board reaches a large audience because it can be used outdoors on streetlights and traffic lights. This means that motorists and pedestrians will easily see your advertisements. Due to its cost effectiveness, your advertisements can be mass-produced to cover more ground in and around your city. The brilliant colours of correx boards are also eye catching and will reach your target audience easier.
  • Correx boards are environmentally friendly as it is fully recyclable, so your advertisement will not be damaging to the environment.
  • Correx board is reusable because of its toughness. This also contributes to it being very cost effective as advertisements can simply be taken down and re-used at a later stage.
  • Correx board is cost effective because it is made from lightweight, corrugated plastic. It is easy to produce and is cheaper than other advertising mediums.
  • Correx boards are durable as it can resist the elements. It is not affected by water like cardboard or paper, so it will not swell, warp or disintegrate. It is also crack resistant.

Contact Minuteman Press in Benoni today for all your company’s correx board advertising needs. We can offer you affordable and expertly executed correx board ads that will only add value to your next marketing campaign!

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