Why Litho Printing Is A Popular Printing Method

November 30, 2011 · Print This Article

Litho printing remains one of the most popular printings methods available on the market. This printing method delivers high quality, visually appealing printed materials. For more than 200 decades litho printing has been considered the leading printing technique available on the market.

The reason why this printing method works so well is because it has the ability to print on a wide variety of surfaces and it is often used for art and a variety of mass produced media publications.

Why Litho printing is the best option:

  • Image quality: You can never go wrong when choosing litho printing as this method guarantees high quality prints. One litho printing plate will produce thousands of consistent quality prints, making it a reliable solution when you need to ensure consistency throughout large print runs.
  • Cost effectiveness:  Litho printing is the most affordable printing process when it comes to high volume printing runs. This is why it is the primary choice for printing magazines, newspapers, textbooks, postcards, stationery and brochures.  Digital printing on the other hand is more suited for shorter printing runs as it is easier and faster to set up than litho printing, but printing costs will skyrocket with increased volumes.

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