Why newsletters are important

March 24, 2012 · Print This Article

Newsletters are an inexpensive but hugely effective marketing tool. They can be used to keep customers up to date with company developments, educate and inform consumers and build a brand.

The first step in creating a company newsletter is to do some research into who will be reading it and what they would be interested in. Ask some basic questions such as who the audience is and what they need to know about your business, services or products. This will provide a basic framework for what type of content should be included and it will also provide goals for the newsletter.

The cost of producing a newsletter

Begin by choosing a format and deciding if the newsletters will be emailed or printed. The length of the newsletter should also be decided as well as the option of colour or black and white. All of these choices affect the overall cost of producing the newsletter.

Decide what will go into your newsletter by creating a table of contents – this could include news, features, profiles, editorials, product announcements, client testimonials and Q&A’s. Typical newsletters will have room for 3 to 6 items per page. Photos and graphics will decrease the amount of space available for text.

Build some kind of a response mechanism into the newsletters, either through a free subscription opt in or a competition with an entry form. This will help you track the number of readers and will also assist in creating a database of potential customers.

Vary the content and keep the article’s language simple. It is a good idea to include tips, website information, a calendar of special events, how to features, profiles of staff or clients and a list of URL’s where clients can find more information. Remember to include a headline for every article and a caption for every picture. Always proofread the newsletter and double check spelling and grammar.

Use these simple tips to create interesting and readable newsletters.

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