Why people love personalised photo wedding invitations

November 28, 2011 · Print This Article

Personalised photo wedding invitations are getting more popular each year. For any couple, it’s a way of expressing their love and happiness to family and friends who will be attending the wedding. The bride and groom’s parents, close family and friends also love this kind of invitation because it can be a beautiful keepsake after the wedding.

How to design your own photo wedding invitations

  • Photographs : The photo or photos you choose should be happy photos of the bridal couple together. Keep in mind that you may have to lighten or darken these photos with photo editing software to get the right shading. It’s also important to use photos with a plain background, so that the focus lies on the faces of the couple and not the busy background.
  • Paper : The paper you choose must be able to print crystal clear pictures. You won’t be able to choose any type of paper finish – pop in to your nearest print store to find out more about the different gloss paper finishes that work well for printing photo wedding invitations . Choose paper and envelopes that match the style of your invitations.
  • Size : You can cut the paper into half-size or even quarter-size pieces. Quarter-size wedding invitations allow for very little text, but can look very cute if you use interesting borders and smaller pictures. Half-size and full-size invitations allow for more text, more pictures and more space for laces and ribbons.
  • Print : When you’re all done and happy with your idea, you can print your wedding invitations . Remember that it’s best to print these invitations at a professional print shop.

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