Why postcards are still a great idea

November 30, 2016 · Print This Article

In an age of social media and instant text messages, it’s hard to see why printing postcards is still a good idea. But postcards have been given a new life in this modern era. Postcards are no longer the choice of travellers wanting to share their experiences on a small piece of paper – they’re now a great way to advertise your business.

  1. You can keep track of your reach with coupons
    You can turn your business postcard into a special discount coupon by telling customers to bring it in to receive a special discount. This is a perfect way to not only see how many people are being reached with your postcard, but by having customers fill in their name and email address, you can start building an email marketing list that is invaluable for digital marketing.
  2. Postcards give more information than business cards
    Postcards are perfect for including more information than a business card, such as showcasing a featured promotion or product. Make them attractive with a beautiful image and you ensure your potential customer holds onto it longer.
  3. Postcards are read far more than letters
    Most people receive some sort of marketing letter and toss it before ripping open the envelope. But a postcard is as easy as flipping it over. Even if the card does get tossed already, your audience will still have taken in at least some of the information on the card in the time it takes to get it to the bin.

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