Why Self-inking stamps are the economical choice

January 19, 2016 · Print This Article

Self-inking stamps are a quick way to get daily, monotonous jobs done. They have a variety of different uses ranging from adding the company name and address to envelopes and dating letters, to marking invoices and receipts. Self-inking stamps are also perfect for use in the filing process and for marking “late” payments. They are convenient, easy to use and can be moved from post to post and from person to person. Most importantly, they have a built-in ink pad, which makes them mess free.

Self-inking stamps can easily be custom made to suit your company’s specific needs. They can be personalised in terms of colour, size and font ensuring your brand image is not lost.

A time-saving device: quicker and cheaper

Making use of a self-inking stamp means employees don’t need to waste precious time manually writing out the same things over and again, which gives them more time to focus on more important tasks. The stamps are quick and perfect for any type of repetitive stamping, just step and repeat and you will get the same clear image, every time.

Pre-inked stamps do result in a crisper image; however, the self-inking stamp is more economical and it still produces a worthy print. The ink lasts for a long time – they can be stamped thousands of times before you have to change the ink.

Self-inking stamps are a great way to save time and the bottom line is: time saved is money saved.

Do you want to invest in cost-effective self-inking stamps? Then contact Minuteman Press in Port Elizabeth Newton Park, today to find out about creating personalised stamps to suit your business.

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