Why should I choose Litho printing for high volume printing jobs

November 16, 2011 · Print This Article

Litho printing, also known as lithography, is based on the fundamental principle that oil and water do not mix. While the process may be simple, litho printing has the ability to transfer virtually any image and colour combination onto a wide variety of materials. The flexibility that litho printing offers makes it an extremely popular choice for people who need a large number of documents printed.

Why Litho printing for high volume printing jobs?

There are many reasons why litho printing is great for high volume print jobs, here are a few:

  • Print material options: Litho printing doesn’t only transfer images onto paper – it is also used for printing on plastic, leather and a number of other materials. This level of versatility offers many solutions to companies who need to print on different surfaces.
  • Fantastic colour output. Any type of colouring and shading is possible with litho printing – if you can dream it, litho printing can achieve it.
  • Economical for large printing jobs. In terms of costs, printing in large volumes ensures that the price actually goes down per unit as the number of prints goes up. While litho printing might be too expensive for small print runs, it is the most cost-effective option for bulk print jobs.
  • High printing speed. You won’t have to wait weeks for your prints when you choose litho printing. While the initial set-up can be a bit time-consuming, the actual printing process is done at a very high pace.
  • Durability:  When you use litho printing, you will be able to use different kinds of finishes that will make your printed materials last longer. If, for example, you are printing large murals or billboards, you can ask the printer to use a type of finish that will protect the material from the sun’s harsh UV rays. This ensures that your printed materials last longer, which will ultimately save you money.

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