Why using our in-house design services makes more sense

August 13, 2017 · Print This Article

Minuteman Press, Menlyn offers a full design and printing solution that will meet any need you can possibly imagine. From business cards and letterheads right through to brochures and calendars, we have the skills and capacity to do it all. We even offer wedding stationery design services and can print and assemble everything from your invitations to your napkins.

You may think that when you need design services, you should hire a graphic designer separately from your professional printing company. Here’s why using our in-house designers makes more sense:

  • Our designers are experienced in the print industry

Graphic design is not just about being creative and producing work that looks good on screen. If something needs to be printed, there is a lot of technical knowledge required to set artwork up for print. Our designers are familiar with this process, as well as with the requirements of the printing equipment that we use.

  • You save time as well as money

Liaising with a designer to create and approve your artwork can be a laborious and time-consuming process. When you work with us, there is no middle man so the process is quicker. Plus, our in-house design services are far more affordable than hiring a private graphic designer or working through a design agency.

  • Using one supplier means less hassle

Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket is a good thing. Having one company handle the entire process from the concept and design to the printing of the final product is convenient. It can save you a great deal of trouble. Plus, we are then responsible and can be held accountable – no passing the buck in the unlikely event if anything does go wrong.

If you are looking for a printing company in Menlyn to handle all your printing requirements, from black-and-white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch withMinuteman Press Menlyn , to get a printing quote.