Why well-designed stationery still matters for your business

December 1, 2016 · Print This Article

In this day and age, having a set of official company stationery designed and printed for your business may seem a bit unnecessary. After all, everything is done over email… right? But think of it this way: whenever you want to present something important, like an ID document or a marriage certificate, it is printed. Having something printed well on high-quality paper lends a certain amount of respect to the content printed. That is why you should respect your company by presenting information on well-designed, branded letterheads and envelopes. Read on for more information.

  • There will always be a need to print something on paper
    It doesn’t matter how much things have become digital, at some point you will still need to print something – whether it’s an invoice, a packing slip or a thank you card. In a business context, these documents need to show your company’s logo and brand identity in a professional manner.
  • Your custom stationery represents your business
    That is why it is crucial that your stationery is printed and designed well. It must feature your logo as well as your company’s colours. Avoid going too “multi-coloured”. Contrast a very colourful logo with clean lines and neutral fonts. Always choose a maximum of two fonts and ensure it is easy to read by making it uncluttered and not too small.
  • Stationery shows dedication
    If you present everything on good stationery featuring your brand’s identity, it shows that you are dedicated to your brand and care about the information in your document. It shows that you put some effort into the document you are sending and that your business is legitimate. A quotation on a good letterhead sends a better message than one that was handwritten from a carbon book.

Have your stationery designed and printed with Minuteman Press in Alberton. As one of the top printing companies in Alberton, we are all about assisting businesses and individuals with all their printing needs, including branded business stationery, stamps, brochures and booklets. Contact us today to find out more.

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